Using HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Secret To Keeping Gains On A Cruise

Kai Palikiko           Feb.  8, 2021

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Cruising is an integral part of lifestyle cycling. So after doing a blast cycle, I have to do a cruise cycle in order for me to reset my androgen receptors, and at the same exact time to give my body a break. Now, the biggest fear that a lot of guys have out there is, I don't want to lose my gains, how do I keep my gains during a cruise cycle?

And I'm going to tell you right now the best way I found within myself to keep majority, if not all of my gains during my cruise cycle.

What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you have any questions for me, the best way to reach me is the link to my email. Now you can easily grab that link, it's in the description, you click on that link, it takes you to a website. Once you're there, put in your name, your email, any questions you have for me, it is going to go directly to my ProtonMail. Just to give you a quick background on cruising, right?

It's important, we cannot skip that, because here's the thing - if I prolong my blast cycle a little too long, I'm not going to get the benefits out of the good stuff from doing a blast cycle, meaning the sense of well-being, the energy, feeling good. And of course, the most important part, at least for me, I don't know about anybody else, but the health and safety part of doing a blast cycle, I don't want to keep pushing my hormones.

Pushing my test levels as far as I can, for a very long period of time, just to make sure, you know, that I'm safe, so I can't keep on doing that. That's where a cruise cycle comes in, is to completely give my body a break, not push my hormones too much and pretty much the amount that I'm going to do for my cruise.

It's like TRT, ok, I want to make sure that I'm at the optimal range of my testosterone levels, without pushing too hard. That's the best way to reset my receptors, get me prepped for my next cycle, just to be sure that once I do start that cycle, I'm going to get the sense of well being again, the energy, the drive, because hypothetically, if I were to extend a blast cycle, say, I'm not doing this, I would never do this. 

And I made this mistake before in the past, I would push a blast cycle four months, five months at a time. Now, am I still gonna get the gains? Of course, my hormones that I'm pinning, does not discriminate at all, it's going to give me the gains, I'm still gonna have the strength at the gym, it's still gonna make my body grow. But what I'm risking there is my health, of course, that's the main one. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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But the other part of it is this, I'm not gonna get that sense of high energy anymore, that sense of well-being where I just feel awesome, I feel badass in life, to where whatever goals I want to accomplish, I have no speed bumps on it. I'm fully driven, I'm fully focused.

That's what I love about being on Gear. It's not just about the gains I get at the gym, it is about getting that sense of well-being and the focus out of it. Now, after about week 10, week 11, this is where a lot of guys experience this part, to where they're not getting that sense of drive anymore, that sense of focus. It starts to slowly go away, and then after about week 12, week 13, week 14, that's when it just completely stops.

Now, the Gear, it's still working, for sure, even if it's a simple, you know, test cycle, I'm still going to get the gains, and I'm still going to get the strength gains out of it, and of course, the recovery. But the biggest thing that I'm going to miss out is that sense of well-being and that focus factor that I get. And I don't know about anybody else, man, and I treasure that, my life isn't just all about... 

Well, actually it is. It's all about gains, but not just gains at the gym, it's towards my business. My other aspects in life, the girls that I'm seeing, it's all about progression in all aspects of it. Now, I don't want to sacrifice the rest of my pillar in life, just for the sake of growing. It sounds appealing to some people, but brother, you know, we got to do this for more than just arms an abs, right? 

Arms and abs are awesome, do not get me wrong. That's one of those things that get us really motivated to keep going, to keep pushing, to get that validation out of people, because we all want that, we want to get the admiration to where people are just stared, like goddamn, look at this badass guy, holy crap, he's picking up, he's the only guy picking up the 120 pound dumbbells at the gym.

And that's probably you right now if you're on, if you're not a pheasant. If you're actually using the oil of the gods, yeah, you're the only one dusting off that 120 pound dumbbell because nobody else is able to touch it, which is pretty freaking awesome, I love doing that. Now, the other part of it though is this - no matter how appealing that is, because it is, it's very tempting, it's very tempting to push my 12 week blasts to, how about 14, how about 16? 

You know, I feel good, I got my blood tested, everything looks awesome. Could I still keep going? For sure. But my receptors, they're just going to get burned out. A good example is this, it's like drinking coffee over and over again, that's what I tell my guys too. After three months of drinking coffee nonstop, three times a day, I'm just doing it now for the sake of being in a habit, because after using that much caffeine on a day to day basis, I'm not going to get that wakefulness, that alertness anymore from coffee. 

The same exact thing with these compounds, my receptors are going to get exhausted, and the only way for me to get it back is by completely getting off the blast cycle, going down on a cruise cycle. The only drawback, and that's the main reason why I want to talk to you about all of this, because the biggest complaint about a cruise cycle, is the loss of gains.

Now, for the pheasants out there who are watching this, I know we're gonna sound spoiled, right, because it takes the pheasants about what, an entire year to build, I don't know, nine pounds of muscle while we do it, the guys that are using the oil of the gods, we're doing it within what, nine weeks, 10 week period, we're able to gain that much amount of muscle within a very short period of time, we're gonna sound spoiled about it. 

But at the same exact time, higher standards, higher goals, new problems. So the problem of that is, I don't want to give away not even a single pound of my gains, especially when I am doing my very first cycle ever, I'm finally making headway, I am finally able to progress, I'm making huge amounts of muscle tissue that I've never had before in my entire life. 

What kind of sane person would want to give that up? I don't want to give it up. You know, like being able to break, and I love hearing it from my guys, man. Chase, I want to give you a shout out by the way, being able to go from a small to a medium sized shirt, and finally being able to wear a large shirt or an extra-large shirt. It's something different. You know, being able to bench-press 350, being able to look jacked at the gym, it is impactful.

But nothing is more impactful than going into your closet and you're putting on your shirt that you normally wear for the past couple of years or so, or even if it's a brand new shirt, brand new wardrobe, still the same exact size, but yet you've gotten so big, you're forced to get a larger size. Dude, that to me is one of the biggest impactful things that I can do within my physique, because it's substantial, right? 

I'm able to see it, like holy crap, I literally can't fit within my shirts anymore. As you can see here, like this shirt was tailored three weeks ago, but I've been on a blast cycle, and I am pushing my testosterone as much as I can, tailored shirt, I am busting out of it now, right? That's one of the, I guess, side benefited problems that we get out of being on Gear. 

But anyways, so yeah, that's the reason why it's important to us that we don't want to lose any of our gains during a blast cycle, just because we have to cruise. But the weird part about it is we have to cruise, it's not an option, just to be sure that we're healthy, we're good, we're safe, I can look at my blood panel, everything's good, I don't have to worry about anything at all. And of course, going back to my main point, is getting that focus factor. So what do I do?

Because some guys are going to be like, well, why don't we just do small amounts of Anavar, a little bit of DBol, maybe a little bit of... I'm not gonna mess with that. So the whole point of a cruise isn't about trying to go around it, the whole point of a cruise is to literally just do that, do a cruise, it is for me to take a mental break, to give my receptors a good reset as well. So that way, when I do go to my next blast cycle, I'm able to get the full response of the Gear. 

Again, the sense of well-being, the focus factor, feeling good, all that awesome stuff that I treasure the most other than just the gains I get out of a blast cycle. And the answer is this, human growth hormone. It's one of the biggest things that even myself, I underestimated, because I've been on it for such a long time. The benefits out of taking human growth hormone - it prevents a good amount of muscle catabolism, muscle atrophy. 

So that way, I'm able to keep all of the gains that I got when I did a blast cycle. And I don't have to worry about going outside my total testosterone range and go from a cruise, and now I'm cheating my way into doing a blast cycle. Because it is tempting, it is extremely tempting to not want to lose a single pound.

It's extremely tempting to say, well, technically, if I take a small amount and I get the logic behind it, I totally do, I get it, if I just take a small amount of, say Turinabol or DBol, and I dial it right to where I'm still not considered in a blast cycle, it is still technically called a cruise. No, it's not. It's not because we're taking other things outside of testosterone.

Because remember, the way I do my cruise is to give myself a mental break. Because look, the way I train some of my guys here man, I ask a 100% out of these guys, that mental break is a must for cruising, it's a must, because when they're dialed in during a blast cycle, their diet is at 100%, their training regimen is at 100%, everything is dialed to the point to where I know they're going to break. 

That's the whole point of pushing, right? You can only do it for so long until you actually break and need that time to recover and heal when it comes to the mental part, and of course, our receptors during a cruise. So the best way to keep majority of my gains without having to go outside the range of a cruise is human growth hormone. It is so beneficial. It is so good that I don't even see any changes at all.

Now, am I still going to feel like a pheasant? Yes, of course, because there is a huge difference between feeling godlike at a blast cycle type of total testosterone, than just a cruise for total testosterone. There's just a huge gap of it. I can't tell you that, well, maybe, you know, you might feel a little bit close to it. No, there is none. I have to accept during my cruise. I'm going to be a pheasant. Now, am I going to be an average pheasant? 

No, I'm not. I'm going to beat the top echelon, like the top of the line of a pheasant. Am I still a pheasant? Yes, of course, but at least I'm not going to suffer from ED, low energy, lack of sex drive, no, I'm not going to get any of that. But I am going to feel normal again, which sucks. But at least I know for sure when I'm pinning HGH on a day to day basis, and it's not a high amounts either, I don't need to do an extreme amount to keep my gains during a cruise. 

If I do a regular amount of HGH during my cruise cycle, to where I don't even really get off of HGH anyways, I've been constantly taking it for the past a year and a half now, I don't lose any of my gains. I don't need much either. And for the fact that even though I get it way below retail price from the manufacturer that I use, the same thing with the raw powders as well, I'm able to keep it up as a lifestyle.

That is the beauty about HGH, being able to do this, not sacrifice and weasel my way out of recruit cycle, and actually fully dedicate myself, doing a cruise, take some downtime, being able to fully rest my mind, so once the blast cycle is coming closer, and closer and closer, I'm fully healed up, I've had a good enough amount of mental break to where if I do my next cycle, I'm going to get that sense of well being, I'm going to get that focus factor. 

And of course, I'm so fully healed, I'm so done feeling like a pheasant, I'm so bored doing normal people stuff. Once I'm ready for a blast cycle, dude, I'm gonna come out of the gates, out of the get go, I'm gonna come out full sprinting without losing any of my gains from my blast cycle. That's the type of mentality that I want out of my guys when they're doing a blast cycle man, they're like so amped up, like, oh, my God, I can't wait. 

And I get it, some of these guys ask me like, so three weeks, that's good enough, right? I am like is that four weeks? Is three weeks four weeks? No, gotta wait one more week. But I love that. That's telling me that these guys, they're ready to go, they're almost at the full finish line of their cruise to where they're recovered. And man, once they start their next cycle, it could just be their second cycle, it is going to be so much more gains compared to their first, because they've already adapted to the Gear.

They're ready to rock, their receptors are not fully saturated, and they're ready to go. All because of a simple human growth hormone addition to their lifestyle. That's how badass human growth hormone is man. It's not just like some anti-aging place, right, don't view it as for guys who just wants to look young, which is awesome, it has really good benefits out of it. But human growth hormone has so much more benefits other than just feeling good, rejuvenation, all that fun stuff, being able to keep muscle tissue. 

I mean, dude, do you know how hard that is just to grow new tissue, and then keeping it after going to a blast cycle? It is probably one of the more difficult things if we don't know what we're doing. But with addition to the compounds and of course, HGH, we're able to excel our physique and of course, go out of our way and mitigate the whole muscle atrophy during a cruise cycle. 

It's absolutely awesome, and again, man I've been doing it for so long, I underestimated it, I feel like a spoiled kid about it, but you know, higher standard, new problems, all that stuff. And of course with human growth hormone, there are no bad sides as long as I do it properly and during a cruise, when I'm doing such a low amount, there is no, I don't have to worry about internal organs getting huge.

My face and my cranium structure getting way too big, like how those IFBB pros are abusing HGH, because I'm not doing that. I'm not abusing it at all. I'm just using a good amount to make sure I don't lose any of my gains during my cruise, and of course I get the other side benefits of HGH to where I'm sure I've mentioned it to you plenty of times before in the past. So yes, that right there, brother, that is my secret of keeping my gains during a cruise. 

Not doing a little bit of Anavar, not adding a little bit of Tren. No, it's just testosterone and HGH, that is it, it is so synergistic, it's awesome, it feels good, and at this point man, I would have to definitely include it within my protocol of doing a cruise or TRT, it's pretty much the same exact thing anyways.

So when it comes to that brother, just to recap on everything we talked about. The best way to avoid any type of muscle atrophy or catabolism during a cruise would be human growth hormone.

Anyways brother, if you do have any questions for me, remember, the link to my email is right in the description, Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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