WARNING A Toxic Rant On Natty's Fears

Kai Palikiko           Apr.  12, 2021

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Alright, so I'm going to go into a bit of a rant here about the way a lot of Natties think out there. So it may sound a little bit toxic, but I promise you, it is coming from a place of love, simply because, you know, when it comes to these natural guys, I want them to succeed as well, I want them to progress. But we got to be realistic in terms of the limitations of being a Natty. 

What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you have any questions for me, the best way to reach me is the link to my email.

You can easily find that link in the description, you click on that link, it takes you to a website, you put in your name, your email, any questions you have for me, it's going to go directly to my ProtonMail. Alright, so the main reason why I'm making this video is simply because to address a lot of Natties out there who are reaching out, which is awesome, I appreciate everybody reaching out to me on my ProtonMail.

And I do have to address a certain thing here that's certainly became a pattern when it comes to natural guys out there. And yes, look, I do poke a little bit of fun, calling them pheasants and Natties, but dude, I appreciate anybody who's actually looking to progress, right? Anybody who become part of our team here, in terms of progression, dude, I welcome that. Now do I call them pheasant?

Yes, because it's fricking hilarious, but at the same exact time it's, you know, just categorizing us, right? It really is, it really is just categorizing, it's not to, you know, get them to the point of making fun of them, making them to the point where they feel depressed and sad. It's not all about that. It's just categorizing them as pheasant. That's all.

The way these emails come from Natties into my ProtonMail, right, it comes from a different series of people, different backgrounds, different goals, different lifestyles, but they're all looking to progress and making some kind of gains. But there's always the same issue over and over again in terms of their end goal. Most of these questions usually start off like this Kai, man, I've been working out for the past five years, some of them seven years, some of them 15 years, whatever it is. 

A very, very long time, and they're usually stating, cool, this is where I'm at, this is my progress pictures, and they're looking decent as a Natty. And they're not bad, right, at least they're not obese or overweight or anything like that, and they're, you know, looking ok. Now, the problem is this, they've been lifting for the past 5, 7, 10, 15, a billion years, whatever it is, ok, but in terms of their end goal, and wanting to stay as a natural, that's where the issue lies.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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That's where the biggest issue is, because I'm looking at them, cool, so you have a proposed plan of taking all these supplements, and even yes, I'm considering Natties who are taking SARMS and peptides.

Those guys are still Natties in my eyes, because that's not the real deal boys. If we're looking to use the oil of the Gods, we're using oil of the Gods. Anything else below that, it's in the realm of Natties, not in the realm of the Gods. The reason why I find it very comical is the blueprint is already there, right, all of the social media influencers that you and I love to follow, the IFBB pros, the crossfitters, the Instagram guys, those GymShark guys, all over YouTube and Facebook and all that stuff.

They look freaking phenomenal. And you and I know, we all know that they are using Gear. That's that, that's their category, those guys are using the oil of the Gods. Now here's where the logic to me just doesn't make sense. Here comes the logic of a Natty. So I want to look like them without taking what they're taking. I just want to take SARMS and peptides hoping I could get to at least half of that size, or even close to it. Do you see what I mean? 

Like there's not, there is a disconnection. So these Natties, let me break it down even more, these Natties are thinking they could look like those GymShark guys, the guys who are close to IFBB pros, who are competing in physique, competing in, you know, anything that would look frickin amazing and phenomenal. They think they could reach that status without using the same type of compounds that they're using. 

And I'm sitting here in the middle, I'm thinking so you want to look like that, ok, this is the plan that they're doing. I don't want to do that, I want to take BCAAs and MK677. But that doesn't work like that. Yeah, but I don't want to take that. But you can't. But can I take whey protein shake instead and still get that? It's like it doesn't work that way. Hypothetically, if I was a natural, which again, I can't even pass by as a fake Natty anymore.

So hypothetically if I was a Natty, if I want to look like that, I got to take the same exact thing. There is no other way around it. There is no certain peptide or some kind of quinoa or some kind of oatmeal that I could have to even come close to looking like those guys. It doesn't work that way. If I want to look like a group of these guys, I got to take the same exact Gear, the same exact cycle, the same exact thing. 

There is no ok, is there a SARN that could mimic testosterone? Is there a SARM that could mimic... And there isn't, there isn't. In fact, in fact, and again, from my experience and all of the 1000s of guys I talk to all around the world, SARM suck, peptide suck, it doesn't even come close to a low amount of TRT, let alone the safety protocols. Most of the guys that I've talked to that experience SARMS only. 

Guess what, they still have complications of Gyno, estrogen, prolactin, shut down testosterone levels. It's like, it doesn't make sense, ok? So the way I'm thinking about it is this, if I want to be a Natty, right, because, you know, whatever reason, they're very religious about them being a natural, fine, just lower your expectations. If you're going to be a Natty, you're never going to get godlike status. 

That's just the way it works, because if I want to get godlike status, I got to do godlike things. If I want to be Natty, like you know what, I'm not going to compete, I don't want to view myself as a cheater, fine, look like that, stay like that. There's nothing wrong with that either. There's nothing wrong with looking like a pheasant. Nothing wrong with that at all.

But we cannot expect to have this type of logic, this type of mindset of wanting to look like the GymShark guys ore the guys who are on Gear. It does not work that way. The other thing that I also want to address is this. Some of the Natties also have the same logic as, well, I don't want to take Gear because I don't want to get too big. I don't want to take Gear because I don't want to look massive, like those IFBB pros. Completely understandable.

All those GymShark guys who have that physique body that you like, that lean muscle tissue, that CrossFit look, they take just as much Gear as IFBB pros. They only take specific compounds though, that doesn't make them blow up like those guys. There is nothing different. I don't want guys to think ok, cool, I want to have the CrossFit look, so I'm only gonna take SARMS because that's what they do. No, no, they take just as much Gear. 

It's just the dosages are different, the amount is different, and they mix different compounds to give them that certain type of look. Do not believe those GymShark guys only taking frickin SARMS and peptides. They're taking the same type of Gear as IFBB pros. The only difference is the amount that they are taking. Those CrossFit Games athletes guys, those UFC fighters we admire, those guys who are Instagram models.

They take anabolic Gear, I'm not talking about TRT dosages either, I'm talking about huge amounts of it, not SARMS and peptides and whey protein shakes and that's it. So again, if I want to look like them, I got to take the same exact things. From the beginning of this video, remember I said this is all place of love, simply because of this dude - I don't want a natural who's watching, you know. 

All those Instagram models and YouTube videos thinking that they could achieve those goals, waste years of their lives, and then, you know, five years later they think, oh, crap, I made a mistake. This is the type of video I'm addressing right now, ok, because I don't want them to go deep into SARMS, go deep into peptides, and then at the end, you realize it was a waste of time, because I finally found out five years later down the road. 

That the only way for me to actually get that physique is by taking the real deal. And I get it, when it comes to naturals perspective here, it really does suck because they're working out 5, 6, 7 years and then they look pretty decent, but then the moment they put a shirt on or just regular clothes on, they don't even look like they lift. So we have to prioritize ourselves. Are we going to prioritize our image and our progression?

Or are we going to prioritize our super belief of I don't want to be a cheater, which is fine, totally fine, that's their deal. From my perspective dude, I'm going to use every tool available to hit my goals a lot faster. Because the way I view things in life dude, going to the gym, hitting my image, hitting my aesthetics, it's just another thing, it's another pillar. This isn't the only pillar I'm working on. I have other things I want to deal with. 

And I don't want to, you know, use 90% of my effort, 90% of my bandwidth just on my fitness pillar. I still have my other businesses and other things to run. I don't want to be stuck there putting all my energy and not even get the results that I want. Encapsulate this entire video and to make my point, there's two pathways now. If I want to look like those influencers, social media guys, Instagram guys, even those 

CrossFit Games athletes guys, to where, you know, I don't want to get to big, I just want to get a little bit jacked, I got to follow their blueprint. Or I stay as a Natty and I got to accept that I'm never going to look like that. I have to lower my standards, I have to lower my expectations. You cannot have both. There's no way you could achieve those physiques without taking what they're taking.

And I'm not talking about extremely large IFBB pro, Ronnie Coleman, you know, Riley Winkler type of status. I'm talking about CrossFit Games athletes, I'm talking about UFC fighters, they take real deal Gear, and not the SARMS and peptides that a lot of Natties think they can use to achieve that look. Let me finish off this video with this dude, whatever your goals are, I want you to achieve them. 

I love you, I way you to be awesome, I want you to spread this type of positivity, but within our own selves and the goals that we want to reach, we have to be realistic with it. Certain pathways have certain goals in the end, ok, so we can't mix them. If we're seeking one pathway, we can't jump to the other one.

We got to stay within the pathway and the realistic goals that comes in the end of that. Anyways brother, any questions hit me up in my email, it's on ProtonMail in the description. Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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