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Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Another way UGL labs out there, online Gear sites scam us is called substitute scamming. What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you have any question for me by the way, the best way to reach me is the link to my email. Now that link is right in the description. You click on that link, it takes you to a site, you put in your name, your email, any question you have for me, it's going to go directly to my proton mail.

So I took one for the team for you guys, I got the whole substitute scamming. Pretty much I did the gross ugly check and you guys did the whole hot chick, just so I could take one for the team.

Can say that? You guys gonna cut it out. So that's exactly what I did. when it comes to me going through my journey of life cycle or getting Gear in the first place, I had to go through a lot of hardship, meaning getting ,scammed getting ripped off, Western Unioning my money, not getting my Gear in the first place, pretty much getting through the whole thing and the whole pathway of getting ripped off by UGL places.

Now, when it comes to this, there's many other ways, and I'm sure I've talked to you about it before about how they scam us. The other way too, because I got to make sure everybody knows this, it's called substitute scamming. They take one particular compound, for example, like say, Winstrol, right, that's a cheap compound to grab and make, but yet, they would label it as Anavar because it somewhat mimics the same exact way in terms of how they react, especially to me.

Obviously, the only difference is the fact that I don't know if I take too high of Winstrol, me thinking it's Anavar, my joints are going to dry up, but they don't care. It's going to give me something to make me feel something, but yet, if I'm just doing a regular lifestyle cycling, I'm not gonna want to take a contest prep compound like Winstrol.

But I'm never going to know that because I'm going to be going through premades. I'm just going to believe whatever they put on the label thinking that it's actually Anavar, but in reality, it's Winstrol. That's what substitute scamming is. And again, man, that can be absolutely dangerous. I don't want to feel like an old man walk around because my joints are dry, and I can't figure it out. Like how am I supposed to know? 

It's gonna take me a plethora of pathways of thinking is it my diet? Is it my Gear?Am I overworking myself? Am I not eating enough? Are my macros not enough for me to get that joint lubrication? Is something wrong? Am I doing it bad? Pretty much that, that's what substitute scanning is. Another one is this one. Say I want to take a really high end compound, and this is pretty much a really scammy way of them doing it.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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How To Homebrew and Pin Your Own Gear To Get 21" Arms Plus A Six Pack WITHOUT Risking Gyno or Spending $897 A Cycle!

How To Homebrew and Pin Your Own Gear To Get 21" Arms Plus A Six Pack WITHOUT Risking Gyno or Spending $897 A Cycle!

Say I want to do Primobolan, and we all know Primobolan is like the luxury of all compounds. It's awesome, it makes me feel good, there are no bad sides of it whatsoever.

And it's pretty much as zero consequences type of compound, it makes you feel good. I mean, there's a reason why Arnold absolutely loves Primobolan. Now, this is where UGL places love to scam, you know, at least me for my experience. The substitute scamming for Primobolan is this - they're going to take something like EQ, and label it as Primobolan, because it somewhat gives me the same exact type of result in the end.

But say I'm prone to high blood pressure, say I'm prone to high red blood cell count, I'm over here thinking, cool. I'm going to take some high amounts of Primobolan because there's no bad consequences out of it, but yet all of a sudden, I'm starting to get anxiety, I'm starting to go overly vascular. I'm starting to get all of this stuff, so I'm thinking I don't, I don't understand, I'm taking Primo, why am I getting vascular out of a sudden out of nowhere. 

I'm taking Primobolan but yet my hematocrit count is really high. I don't know what's going on until I find out in the end, that they actually gave me EQ instead of what I actually paid for, which is Primobolan. And the price difference man between EQ and Primobolan is just an absurd amount. This is what substitute scamming is. And again, the only way to do it, because look, I don't want to play these guessing games. 

I'm putting these compounds in my physique and I want to make sure I'm getting the results that I plan for for the next three months. And it's not just about that either. It's all about because I mean, yeah, getting scammed and losing my money sucks. The worst one is this, having to lose three months of my life, of my time that I am never going to get back.

That is the one thing that I really can't stand about this UGL places, because I'm never going to get those three months back. The time that I spent to where I'm going to do test, Primo, Anavar, I'm going to want the test, Primo, Anavar type of cycle, type of results to where it's nice, it's easy going, I don't have to worry about, you know, hematocrit counts or anything like that, because maybe I just don't want to, maybe I just want to have a relaxing time to do that cycle. 

But now because they substituted the Primo with EQ, but yet still labeled it as Primo, you know what I mean? Like I don't want to have to do that guessing work. I don't want to have to sit there, well, maybe I could get the Amazon test kit or maybe what color is that?

That looks like a little bit of yellow, a little bit of blue. I don't want to have to do that, or having to go constantly to get my hormonal panels checked, and my blood checked and find out where my ALT levels are or my RBC count. I don't have to do that. I do not. That's the main reason why another point goes towards homebrewing, because I don't have to deal with those scumbags out there doing substitute scamming.

And again the reason why I'm telling everybody about this, because everybody needs to know - one screw those guys, they're just a whole bunch of scumbags and number two, we all need to know about substitute scamming, because some guys are so, pretty much they're so set in their old way thinking that they're not getting scammed, like well I'm getting results. But I mean are we really getting results? 

Am I really getting results if I plan to take Anavar, but yet I'm taking Winstrol instead? I mean, technically yeah, I guess I'm getting results, but it's not the results that I want. I'm not trying to shred down as quick as possible by using Winstrol or a contest prep compound. I'm not trying to get dry joints. 

Dude I just want to have fun sometimes, I just want to take some Gear, have fun, look good, concentrating on other aspects of my life, without having to worry about, this kind of look, let me... I've seen this in the threads all the time, if you smell it, because Primobolan does have a more chemically smell - is that a word? Primobolan does have a whole chemically smell.

So I don't want to have to sit there, opening the bottle, ok, I think that smells like EQ, I don't know. Wait, let me do a taste test. Do you see what I mean? Like I don't have to deal with that. I just want to make my Gear, homebrew it, know exactly what to put in it, it's not bunk, it's not underdosed, it's not substitute scamming, to where I guarantee the results in the end of what I actually want.

Anyways, everybody needs to know about that, substitute scamming from UGL places. Other than that boys, email right in the descriuotion. Kai here, out. Take care.



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