What Happened When I Took SUPERDROL

Kai Palikiko           Jan.  6, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Alright, so this has been the biggest request when it comes to this week and last week, and the week before that You and I, we re going to be talking about Superdrol, and my personal experience when it comes to this very advanced compound.

It is hands down the most powerful anabolic oral compound I have ever used, in my entire experience when it comes to being on Gear.

And this is coming from 14 plus years using the most advanced stuff, like insulin and DNP, human growth hormone. When it comes to the oral part of it, oh my God. If I want daily changes, this is it. If I want the equivalent of say an oral version of Tren, this is it right here.

When it comes to the mass building, the dryness, the vascularity that I get out of Superdrol, hands down man, nothing comes close to this advanced compound, not even if I combine two other compounds itself, not even if I combine Turinabol with Anavar, not even if I combine, you know, Halo and something else. When it comes to Superdrol, oh my God.

But before we get to the fun stuff, you already know how I work - when it comes to my goals, I'm always going to prioritize the safety and health protocols first. Because the goal here, it's going to come.

I just want to make sure I get from point A to my goal in a healthy manner as well, because it doesn't matter if I get here and my liver or my blood pressure is all out of whack. So this is where the hate relationship comes in when it comes to Superdrol. Because it's so highly advanced, because it can get so liver toxic, and at the same time, it will absolutely give me Gyno at the end of my cycle if I don't do this properly. 

The hate relationship when it comes to Superdrol simply comes with the preparation. I can't just dive in and start taking Superdrol right away. I can't do that. It's one of those compounds to where it takes up so much preparation that it's a pain in the ass, I get my blood tested at least four times a year, and with Superdrol it comes with that. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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I have to make sure I get my blood tested to make sure my blood pressure is good, my RBC count, my platelet count is good as well because it will spike both, on top of it, I have to make sure my liver levels are good as well. I have to make sure my ALT and my AST levels is not even slightly elevated.

Everything has to be in a particular level, because once I am on a cycle of Superdrol, it's a guarantee to spike everything I just mentioned. So if they're already slightly elevated and I get on a Superdrol cycle, everything would just be a havoc of a mess. And then on top of that, I have to make sure everything is there that I need as well, and just to make sure everything is good itself. I mean I'm talking about everything is so particular.

So pretty much when it comes to the preparation, I look at it like insulin, I can't just walk in and dive into it right away without knowing the proper protocols that come with it as well. I have to make sure everything is set, everything is timed, everything is as its right place. That's how crazy it is. Because yes, some of these bad sides of Superdrol that comes with it, is a little bit overly exaggerated, like the liver toxicity. As long as I am on a huge amount of TUDCA and NAC, my liver levels should not spike at all. 

But at the same time though, if I take all of that lightly and I don't follow my protocols, getting elevated, and top of that getting inflamed as well. So I have to make sure everything is set before I even homebrew it, before I even think of making it, before I even say alright, cool, here we go, let me homebrew three months worth of Superdrol before... No, I can't even get to that part yet, if I don't have all my prerequisites. 

This is one of those comments to where it absolutely needs a prerequisite before I dive into it. I wouldn't have started as early as I did. I would make sure I have experienced Anavar, Anadrol, DBol, Halo, all of that to see how I react to all of those orals first, ok? Then the end game, the end goal would be Superdrol, because that is hands up the best oral Gear I can ever take. But all of that is an absolute necessity, the safety, the health protocol, everything, just making sure everything looks good, before I even dive into, let me start making it now, let me homebrew Superdrol.

What else can I stack on top of it as well. And the other part too, I cannot run Superdrol by itself. I absolutely need to have some kind of testosterone base. Test Prop, Cyp, Enanthate, sustanon, some kind of testosterone base, and it can't be the really long ester either, the longest would have to be cypionate or enanthahte, that's it. Because I gotta make sure to guarantee I don't have any type of ED or any kind of weird symptom when it comes to my sex drive with Superdrol as well. So do you see how much involved when it comes to all this stuff? 

There's so much that comes with it, the prerequisite that it is definitely not a beginner friendly compound, an intermediate friendly compound. It is reserved for something to where I need to look good, I need to look massive, I need to look jacked in a very short amount of time as well. It is that much of an amazing compound, but it takes that much of attentive detail as well. I can just be like ok, I did one Anavar cycle, here we go, No, not even close. 

When it comes to the level of attentiveness I need to put up to it, it's like insulin, it's like DNP, I need to monitor everything as closely as possible. I already need to know where I'm going to donate blood, I already need to know where I'm going to get my liver support, I already needs to know and make sure I already have everything in set, before I even come into using Superdrol. Now with all that being stated, here's the fun stuff. The day to day changes is absolutely massive, absolutely massive.

Nobody's going to believe me, just like the DBol videos, but when it comes to just the week two, I can easily gain between 12 to 15 pounds, dry gains as well. So barely any water retention, huge amount of gains, the vascularity is there. The only slight thing that I, you know, I don't really like too much about it is the fact that it doesn't give me as much of a hardening agent, as simple as say Anavar. But it will give me the mass, it will give me the mass, it will give me the vascularity. 

The constant daily gains as well, that every single day... I mean, like I said before man, you know how one can transform their body on a day to day basis with Tren? Same exact thing happens when it comes to Superdrol. It is literally a day to day type of thing. It's versatile as well. Can I use it on a lean bulking cycle? Absolutely. Can I use it in a cutting cycle? Absolutely. That's how versatile this compound is. 

And again, though, even though I absolutely love it, I probably only use it once a year, simply because of all the preparation that comes with it. Now the other safety program that forgot to mention is this one - even though Superdrol does not aromatize, it will not convert from a Test derivative or testosterone like base into an estrogen.

The one thing that I have to keep in mind though, because it saturates my androgen receptor so much, it becomes so anabolic while I'm on cycle, it will absolutely give me an estrogen rebound as well. So this is why some guys can't figure out why am I getting Gyno? Why am I getting some kind of puffy, itchy, whatever, right? But I thought Superdrol doesn't aromatize? Why? 

Because of the estrogen rebound. That's how crazy it is. That's where guys get caught off guard. This is why guys get and develop Gyno, because they don't know the prerequisites that comes with it as well, thinking that, you know, I can just run my typical AI, my aromatizing inhibitor, just like a normal cycle, but not keep taking it after the cycle. These are the things that are so important. It's only reserved for the really advanced type of guys. And again, we have to be humble about the stuff. 

You already know me, sometimes I can't... You know what, it's not even sometimes, the majority of the time I can be a cocky, arrogant asshole. You know what humbles me down? Insulin humbles me down, DNP humbles me down, and more importantly, to this topic, Superdrol humbles me down as well.  It's like you know what Kai, you know what you're talking about, you're good.

But guess what? You need to take this and this, here comes all the bad sides that comes with it. That's how much advanced Superdrol is. I can't mess around with it, I have to be attentive about it, and I got to make sure I have done. It's like going to college for the first time, right? I have my labs, I have my prerequisites, I have to go in there put in my hours, I have to do everything first, before I can actually reap the benefits out of it. 

Because I mean the benefits are freaking amazing. It is absolutely hands down, again the best oral compound. But I've only done one or two, or maybe even three cycles under my experience. I have no business touching Superdrol. Zero, Superdrol... Say I'm a beginner, I've done two cycles, instead of being, you know, salty about it, I already know I am going to add Superdrol in my near future. 

But why rush that experience? It's gonna be there anyway, I shouldn't feel like you know what, I am not a beginner, I would never have the mentality, I would happily admit I'm a beginner, I have no business touching insulin or DNP or Superdrol, because I know, after a while, I'm going to have enough experience, so like, you know what, I know how my liver will function, I already know how my BP will spike, I already know how it feels like in terms of my platelet count or my RBC elevating as well. I already know all that.

So by the time I actually finally get to Superdrol, cool, I'm comfortable, I know what to do, I know what to expect, I know where to go to donate blood, I know already all that stuff. So now I could do my entire cycle with Superdrol with a peace of mind, knowing I know exactly what to do if something ever arises or something ever comes out of the norm, or feels weird. 

This is one of those capacity to where it will give me just as an amazing result, and if I don't do it right, it will give me just as bad as well. The consequences are there, the consequences are real. This is one of those very rare compounds to where oh, cool, so that's how my liver feels like when it's inflamed. Yeah, that's how serious Superdrol is. But again, the gains are awesome, the gains are amazing, it is absolutely fun the entire time. 

Only because I've done everything else I need to do to make sure that it is absolutely safe for me so I could reap the benefits out of it as well. 

It was the very first time where I bench-press 315 for I don't know how many reps man, it was just like, do I keep counting, what do I do, do I just keep going, what's the point of doing this now? Because again, I'm not looking for strength, I'm lifting for aesthetics. So it's like do I keep going now, you know what I mean, stacking up all the weights, it was just ridiculous.

When it comes to the, when it comes to the lactic acid buildup, I didn't really feel it that much, I was able to push myself even more. It is just an amazing, amazing compound man. And then for the weekend part, for the aesthetics lifestyle, for me to look good over the weekend, because that's the main reason why did it, Jesus, it was insane, the vascularity. That was the very first time I ever saw vascularity out of my Adonis belt and my abs, that V shape taper down there. It's insane. I've never seen that before until I started using Superdrol. 

So it's dry, it's good, it's massive, it's amazing. It has all of that fun stuff. But again, let me leave this before I end this video here, this is important. This is not for beginners, this is not for immediate, this is not even for the slightly advanced guys. This is specifically reserved for the advanced guys who has a certain event. It doesn’t have to be a bodybuilding show, it doesn't have to be a physique show, but it has to be a certain event to where it's like a beach day. 

A wedding something to where I need to - a Vegas weekend, for example. It has to be something to where it has a purpose. It's not just like, oh, let me try it here and there. Because, for me, when it comes to my position, I'm only going to use it once a year, because that's how serious it is. And I'm only gonna reserve it for a particular time to make sure that it's gonna worth.

It's going to be worth all the preparation, all the prerequisites, all the lab work, all the blood work, it's gonna be worth for me to take Superdrol. So I don't mean to sound like a soccer mom about this, like, make sure you look both ways, but that's what it comes with.

By the way, if you have any questions towards anything, right, my email is right below this video, click on that link, it is going to take you to my website, put in your name, your email and ask me any question, because I know everybody's situation is very particular to their lifestyle.

I know that everybody's thing that they're doing right now is very different. So I want to hear your story, I want to hear your questions. Kai here, out. Take care.



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