What Happens When I Miss A Pin Day

Kai Palikiko           May  24, 2021

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Alright, so we weren't being responsible, and now we missed an injection day. What do we do? What's going to happen? And how do I prevent this from happening in the future? What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you have any questions for me, the best way to reach me is the link to my email.

You can easily grab that link in the description, you click on that link, it takes you to a website, you put in your name, your email, and any questions you gonna have for me, it's gonna go directly to my ProtonMail.

So in terms of basic responsibilities, everybody has done this before, so let me reassure you that I have made this mistake plenty times in the past, plenty of the guys in the initiated program as well, and if you haven't done it yet, you're most likely gonna do this as well. Now, this is not an excuse to be like, well, I missed this, so it's ok. It's not okay, I am still very hard on myself when I miss an injection day.

So I got to make sure that I have a certain protocol to guarantee this will never happen again. And for the guys who are a little bit more paranoid about this, oh my God, what's gonna happen if I miss an injection day, so here's the deal about that, here are the consequences of having to miss an injection day. For the most part, if I were to miss an injection day, nothing really bad is going to happen.

But worst case scenario, if I am prone to instability of my testosterone levels, a little bit of water bloat is going to happen. acne is where I pretty much suffer from that, it's going to be a guarantee within that week, I might have a small pimple here and there, because my testosterone isn't stable. And worst case scenario, my nipples might get sensitive if I am prone to Gyno.

But personally, for myself, the only thing that usually happens and my team knows if I miss an injection day is I might get one little pimple here or there, it's never gonna be a full blown makeup. But I'm kind of glad that there is a consequence when it comes to this type of lifestyle, because the way we have to view it is this, we got to be accountable, fully accountable for everything. 

So if I do miss an injection day, or I'm sitting there at night, I'm like, I am supposed to inject today, I'm too tired, you know what, I'm going to deal with that in the morning, Guess what happens, two days later, boom, pimple right there in my face.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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And I love that because this type of lifestyle is more like I'm going to burn the boat, because the reward is amazing, but at the same time, the consequence should be just as harsh, because that's how I believe it truly works.

There should be a fine balance of reward and consequences when it comes to this type of lifestyle. But again, if I were to miss an injection day, those are the consequences, water bloat, acne or sensitivity on my nipple. Now, the way for me over the years of doing anabolic Gear as a lifestyle, this is one of the best ways for me to prevent these things from ever happening.

The best one is the moment I plan out my cycle, I set an alarm on my Google Calendar. So if I were to inject Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, seven o'clock in the morning, I am going to write that down for the entire period of my cycle. I'm going to write down, inject, say my test and Primobolan, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I'm also going to put down my orals as well, just to guarantee that I don't miss this. 

So there's always going to be an alarm clock, hey, Kai, it's time to inject, let's do this now, alarm clock goes off, ok, cool. So I usually do that. Now, I'm not too harsh on my schedule, either. If I feel like my morning pin time is not working for me, and it's real hard on my schedule, then I am gonna switch it up to afternoon or later on at night. But the moment I do make that change or that schedule in my calendar, I'm going to abide by that, no matter how exhausted I am. 

That's one of my hacks that I do to guarantee I don't miss an injection day. The next one is this, this is pretty big actually. I pre load my syringes. So say I've been three times a week, I have pre-loaded my Monday, Wednesday and Friday pins, it's ready to go, because this is where burning the boat comes in. If I were to say I miss my Friday injection, that whole 3cc pin tossed out and gone. Why?

Because anything after a week of pre loading syringes, I might risk of that Gear going bad, because it's not inside my vial anymore, it has more oxygen going into it, more impurities going into it. So if I missed that day, I got to chuck it, toss it out, there goes 3cc's of oil of the Gods. That's how I guarantee my success into never missing an injection, because if I miss it, boom, done, I just literally wasted 3cc's worth of gains.

So I preload my syringes, I schedule it out on the calendar, just to make sure I never miss it again. And of course on top of the consequences, and man, these consequences are unforgiving because a normal acne that I would normally get if I was on a cruise or on a PCT, very small, very minor. But while I'm on a Gear cycle, it's more towards a very painful cystic type of acne, it's big, it's under the skin, it's painful. 

And you know what, it's a good reminder for myself, it's like, hey, asshole, stop missing your injection day, because this right here is the consequence of it. So that's why I'm always, always hard on myself to make sure that I do not miss these injection days. Now, with all that being said man, as a beginner though, say I'm starting this Gear lifestyle for the very first time or doing TRT, if that were to happen, if I miss it by that day, and I try to make up the next day, absolutely fine, there's nothing wrong about that.

So say I was supposed to pin on Monday, right, but I missed it. If I were to pin on Tuesday, completely fine, completely fine. But if I were to miss it more than two days, then that pin is completely disregarded, and I have to move on towards my next one. That's my rule of thumb there. Now, there's always other guidelines to follow, but my basic rule is this, miss it one day, I would just do it the next day, if I were to miss it more than two days, then that pin day is completely gone. 

Again, it goes by the same mentality of burning the boat. And of course, I don't want to compromise my second day of pinning for the week either, so I can't have it too close by, or I don't want to make it up and say, take 2cc's all in one day, because that might compromise my estrogen, my testosterone level. So I would just burn that pin day as a miss, and I move on with my life. 

So that's my basic rules right there, miss it by one day, pin the next day, miss it by two days, gone, move on towards my next pin day, simply because of safety, and that's my personal protocol. Most importantly, though, I really would try to avoid that. There's certain days to where it just happens, totally fine, I'm not gonna be too hard on myself.

But I would really try to avoid as much as I can, because at the end of the day, man, I'm blasting, the whole point of blasting is trying to get as much as I can per pin, per workout, per meal. So I cannot miss any of my injections, because I'm viewing it as well, there goes some gains that I could have had, but guess what, I was being an asshole to myself, there goes a few pounds of muscle that I could have had at the end of that cycle. 

It's always going to be a constant reminder for me, like you know what, I got to stay on top of these things, I gotta be hard on myself, stick to my schedule, alarm goes off, time to pin no excuses, no matter how tired I am, no matter how exhausted I am, no matter how, well, you know... Because sometimes, man, I hate it when I do so myself, because I do once in a while too, I am usually just like you know what, you know, the half-life of test E is a little bit longer, I could pin it... 

No. If my schedule says 7am I have to do it no matter what. Anyways brother, the reason why I want to talk to you about this, because again, some of us are completely brand new to this lifestyle, we just starting, just getting on TRT, and these are one of the basic things that lab coats never talk about, nobody ever talks about.

These are the basic principles we have to abide by, and we got to be fully accountable for it. Not missing a pin day. Anyways brother, the link to my email is right in the description. Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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