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Kai Palikiko          Nov. 11, 2019

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

So the biggest battle and it's more like my constant battle on every single cycle that I do, is how much anti estrogen or aromatizing inhibitor do I need to take per cycle?

Now the reason why it's a constant battle, simply because I just don't know, In the past, I had no idea, and in the present, I still do not know, because here's the thing about anti estrogen by the way, it's just very complicated

I mean, it constantly changes and there is no X equals X, right? There is no if I take a certain compound or a certain measurement amount of it, I need to take this much type of aromatizing inhibitor or anti estrogen.

For the uninitiated guys, by the way, the reason why I need to control my estrogen levels, and this is where it gets really complicated too - if I don't control my estrogen, it starts elevating a little bit too high, I go with acne, oily skin, emotional instability, I would be watching some kind of somewhat of a dramatic movie, and I would start tearing up just like with my girl. It doesn't even have to be that either.

The emotional instability that comes with not controlling my estrogen levels to where it's so elevated, I can be at the gym. I can be lifting weights, and out of sudden, out of nowhere because I did such a good job, and I want to pat myself on the back, I will start getting a little bit teary, I am like Kai, you did such a good job.

And I'm not even kidding. It sounds, you know, the way I'm talking about now, it doesn't sound real, because you would think who the hell in the right mind would start getting emotional over a deadlift? But that's what estrogen controls.

If it's getting too out of control, it gets too elevated, I personally, I really start getting emotional through everything. Not just crying in a sad way, but crying in a good way as well. For the record though.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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 I just want to state that no, I'd never cried inside the gym, I just want to get that clear, because even Tyler is like oh, you cried inside the gym?

No, I did not cry. So the way that works is that when I am on cycle, and if I don't control my estrogen levels, it gets too high, all that bad stuff will come, the acne, the oily skin, the emotional instability. Now this is where it gets really complicated.

If I bottom it out, if I take too much anti estrogen, to where I have no estrogen in my body, I'm not going to grow, I get erectile dysfunction, my joint starts hurting, everything starts getting crackly, everything hurts, I get no gains whatsoever. So that's where it gets confusing. I need estrogen, but it can't be too high. 

I need to take some kind of aromatase inhibitor or anti estrogen, but I cant get it too low. You know, when I first started doing Gear, the biggest question is how much do I need to take? This is so confusing, like so do you want me to take it or not? How much do I need to take? That's where it gets confusing.

And then I thought, there was one year to where I like you know what, ok, let me do the trial and error part, so that the moment I find out how much AI that I need, or aromatizing inhibitor that I need, I'm going to know forever. Completely wrong.

Because not only that, you know, my body changes when it comes to hormonal fluctuation, it also depends on the cycle as well. And then on top of that, it gets very confusing because each cycle that I do completely changes. And it also reacts differently as well. 

One of the cycles that I've done plenty of times, Test, Tren, EQ, and whatever orals that I was doing, there was one cycle, that one, where I literally had to take my Anastrozole on a day to day basis, to where in the past I only had to take it once a week.

So why was that cycle, very particular cycle, I need to take Anastrozole every single day, or if not, my nipples will get itchy, my nipples will get puffy, it will get to the point to where you might get a little bit sore as well. So that's why there's never an X amount of AI per each compound, there is never that type of - pretty much it's not that simple, right?

Especially with myself or some of the guys that I train with, it constantly changes. So this is the... Now where I am, where I'm so experienced with it, of doing Gear for 14 plus years, even though I'm still stating that it's still freaking confusing now, at least I know the protocol that I need to follow myself. 

So the very first one is if I'm on a TRT or cruise cycle, I don't take any AI, because there's no need, from my point of view. And if I feel like I am getting a little bit too emotional, my skin's getting a little bit too oily, I start to get a little bit acne here and there, then I would introduce and low dose my AI.

That is my very first step right, or else I'm gonna have to start wearing estrogen socks, meaning compression socks because my feet would start swelling up, my hands would start swelling up, and I just have to give a shout out to Don because of that.

Because it does get painful after a while, to when my estrogen levels get out of control to where everything just starts swelling up, because of water retention. Now the other part of it is this, because that's just for the cruise and the TRT, to where my personal protocols, is don't take any aromatizing inhibitor or anti estrogen until I need it. 

When I'm on a full blast cycle, where I am taking the measurement a lot higher, I do start micro dosing or low dosing my AI, because I know for sure I need it, I know for sure I need it. Now, do I stay at that low dose? Hopefully for the entire cycle.

Now this is where it gets a little bit tricky. If I could take a blood test every single day for my entire cycle, that'd be amazing. But is it convenient for me to go to the hospital, to go to my doctor and annoy them every single day? Can I go get my estrogen checked? No, that's not likely, right?

So the way I do it is this - I low dose my AI throughout the entire cycle and if I see some kind of sign, which is the biggest one, water retention, and then acne, and then on top of that, I start to get emotional, and the biggest indication is, what do you call it, itchy, puffy, sore nipples, then I would slowly increase it. 

Because most guys that I train, their biggest mistake is this - if they take too much right away, crush your estrogen levels. The moment that happens, not only that, it takes me forever to fix it, for them, their entire cycle is completely gone.

We cannot or I cannot personally get anything out of a cycle, any growth whatsoever if I don't have estrogen in my body. So personally, I would rather get itchy nipples, puffy nipples for a very temporary amount of time, which is four or five days the most, because I could fix that just like that, compared to a crashed estrogen level that takes me 4, 5, 6 weeks to fix.

And I know I could fix it a little bit faster with DBol, absolutely, I know that trick. But here's the thing, it still takes a couple of weeks for that to happen. So that's why I would rather use that protocol for myself to where you know what, itchy nipples, no problem, because I can fix that within two or three days, compared to say, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 weeks. 

And that entire time, I'm not growing whatsoever. So you are telling me half of the cycle is completely gone, having grown out of it at all whatsoever? So that's why. 

Oh, going back to estrogen being complicated by the way, here's another complication to add to all of this too. And that I wish I knew back then when I first started. Not only that, I can't get it too high or too low, I have to keep it stable the entire time.

There are some guys that I train and they're going crazy over it, Kai I am washing my skin on a day to day basis, I'm keeping everything clean, I'm pinning three to four times a week, what is going on? And I look at their estrogen protocol, and they might be only taking it once or twice, which is fine for normal people, right? 

When it comes to Anastrozole, taking it once or twice a week, totally normal, that's how I take it. But some guys, their estrogen levels are going to the point to where it's going up and down the entire time. That could also cause acne, that can also cause Gyno like symptoms as well. That's how complicated our hormonal levels are. 

So there is no X equals X, it's always going to be a trial and error the entire time, it's always going to be experience the entire time. The bigger aspect of it, it's just a cycle per cycle. Every single cycle that I do, I truly believe every time I take my AI, it always changes, either I need to low dose it, or I need to completely take it out or any I need to take more of it.

I was very surprised at one cycle that I did and it wasn't like I was taking huge amount of testosterone either. It was a medium amount, but for some reason that particular cycle that I've done plenty of times, I literally had to take my AI on a day to day basis. That literally shocked the crap out of me, only because I'd never had to do that ever. It was a mediocre cycle. 

Yes, it was three compounds, right? For some folks that's not a mediocre cycle, that's a pretty big cycle. Yes, it was, but for me, within my experience, it was an ok cycle. So why did I had to up my dosages like crazy? I've never experienced that all my 14 years, but I'm just glad that I know my personal protocols now, so I didn't have to worry about getting Gyno. 

So that's my personal protocol. When it comes to cruise, or TRT, I don't take any type of AI until I see the symptoms of it. When I'm on a full blast cycle, I low dose it and then when I do see signs of elevated estro, then I slowly wrap it up per week.

That way, in both ways, both protocols, I do not have to worry about crashed estro, or getting it too high either. Anyways guys, if you have any questions at all for me, there's some links  somewhere down there below, I'm sure Tyler put it in the description. Hit me up if you have any questions at all. Anyways boys, Kai here, take care.





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