When A Steroid User Goes Out In Public. Intimidated?

Kai Palikiko           Aug.  6, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

NSomebody's hand just grabbing my chest or my arms and then they'd be giggling, like what the fuck? And to me, I'm cool about that. Why? Because the girl is hot, that’s pretty much what it is.

Because if she's a gross looking chick, I might say something, but I mean if the girl's hot, I don't care.

What's going on guys? My name is Kai, and if you are new to my channel by the way, hit that subscribe button. And on top of that, if you have any questions for me, my email is gonna be in the description. I want to do something a little bit different today. I'm going to read, because this one was pretty awesome. It wasn't through my proton mail. It's one of the comments that you guys asked, or one of you guys asked.

And I want to share it with you because I feel like a lot of people are actually wondering about this, but not a lot of - it's like a stupid question, or people think it's a stupid question, but a lot of people are actually curious about it, right? This one come in the other day - are more people intimidated by you since you started doing Gear? 

Do guys want to fight you all the time? That's the first part of his question. So the second part of it - are people or girls afraid of you because you're a lot more intimidating? So let me answer the first one, because that's really awesome, and even myself, when I started this whole entire lifestyle Gear cycle, that was one of my questions too, are guys gonna want to constantly fight me all the time.

Because some guys, you know, they don't want, they don't want any type of confrontations in their life, they don't want to have any type of challenges as well. They just want to have a good old time. So from my personal experience, no, not at all, man. When it comes to getting a bigger, much more muscular looking physique. It's the complete opposite and you would think logically, it makes sense, right? 

Not only that it heightened up a lot because of that fear tactic of Gear and rYou see another guy, the type of sense that we get is you want to challenge that person, right? So no, my personal experience, at least I can only speak about myself, when it comes to having that type of lifestyle, it's the complete opposite. I've never gotten into a fight and I never got into any type of altercations, and I constantly go out all the time too.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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In fact, not only that it's the complete opposite of that spectrum, it goes even further. I get to bro down with more guys. I don't even know, every time I go out to, like say a UFC fight, for some weird odd reason I get invited to certain tables to play pool, what is it, what was the other one, that punching game where you punch it and then it records how many points you have.

A lot of guys have paid for me to do that just to see how strong I am. Stuff like that man. And I tend to gravitate more towards positivity. Like I've never gotten any hate, any type of weird altercation with anybody or even type of challenge. Like I said before man, I get to bro down with more guys than anything before and obviously the Gear questions are asked, some guys are very upfront, because it's obvious that I'm in Gear, when you see somebody like that, it's like ok, this guy is on Gear.

So some guys tend to, want to bro down with me just so they could ask questions. The typical stuff of how do you do it? What's the best way to do it? My friend tried DBol one time and it messed him up. Little stuff like that, the questions do ask and man, I love answering it. These guys are genuinely curious about that type of, you know, anabolic Gear lifestyle and I love answering it. So when it comes to that side, you know, the social aspect of it, the interactions, oh, it's nothing but positivity. 

Like I can't think of one time where I kind of wish I didn't, you know, do Gear because I got into a weird situation, in a social setting. And no, everything has always been positive ever since I started this because I feel like the way guys view other guys is not the fact they want to challenge them, they just want to feel like is that guy cool, is that guy charismatic, is that guy gonna be weird or not? 

And when you have this sense of confidence, right, because that's what Gear, at least testosterone, at least from my experience, that's what it gives me, a sense of confidence to where you just hold yourself in a certain way where people just gravitate towards me. So I feel like that's exactly the case. Now there might be a certain person out there who's got into a different experience, but at least from my point of view, my experience ever since I started all this, no, it's been nothing but positive the entire time.

No weird fights, no altercations, nothing like that, nothing to the point to where I would be concerned about damn, maybe I shouldn't have started this bulking cycle or this cutting cycle. Now, the attention is there. So I had to pretty much get ready for that, meaning that eyeballs are going to go towards me, people are going to ask, I got to make sure that I'm socially savvy enough to where I don't feel awkward. You know what I mean? 

Like I gotta be ready for these questions to come because they aren't going to come and people are going to ask. But again, this entire time, guys just want to bro down, buy me beers, play pool with them. At the axe-throwing bar, my session was over, a lot of guys were like, hey, you need to throw this, I want to see how hard you throw it. Dude, it's awesome. 

Now the second part of it, when it comes to the subject of women, because, you know, before I started doing here, right, I had all these bodybuilding magazines in my townhouse where I lived back then, and a couple of girls would come over and they would see these magazines because I would use them more for like inspiration. And they would see that and they would go, oh, you want to look like that?

And I'm thinking, well, yeah, that looks pretty badass. And they would tell me the complete opposite, they would tell me oh, don't look like that, that's not attractive at all, I don't think that looks good, I think you should go into other way because not a lot of girls would like that. And I'm listening to that type of logic, I am like cool, but then every time I'll go out to a lounge or a club or a bar, those same girls that would say the same thing, they're going for the guys that look like that in the magazines. 

So I'm like, I don't, I thought you just said... So my lesson being learned from that, don't listen to what girls say, listen to and see their actions instead. Because the moment I got jacked, the moment I started looking good, and I started getting big arms and chest, oh my God, it was the complete opposite, because look, back in the day, I was a nice guy, but I just didn't have my frame. 

But now ever since I made that transformation, same exact thing, same exact personality, and sometimes I would even call myself a little bit douchier, because I wanted to push away from the personality thing. I just want to see if the image actually trumps personality. And oh, it absolutely does. I have gotten more intention than personality overall, it's been frickin amazing. Being able to go into certain settings, social settings, and pretty much go and talk to a group or girls, it's been so much easier, being able to get there. And here's another thing too, that you have to be prepared for.

When it comes to, and I guess the best word to say is sexual harassment because that's what it is, or assault, right, be prepared because the girls are going to come up to you like they would normally to me and just start grabbing, like I would be sitting there at the lodge or at a bar just talking to a buddy of mine, or just one of my, you know, friends, right, I'd be talking to her and all of a sudden, I would just feel somebody's hand just grabbing my chest or my arms and then they'd be giggling. 

I am like what the fuck? And to me, I'm cool about that. Why? Because the girl is hot, that's pretty much what it is. Because if she's a gross looking chick, I might say something, but I mean, if the girl is hot, I don't care. And then it doesn't stop to that either. They're gonna grab my arm, lead them to their group of friends, so they all can start feeling up on me as well. And I mean, honestly, that's just how our society is, I get it. 

It's being hypocritical on their end about all that stuff, but again, that's just how our society works, I'm not going to fight that at all. I'm not going to go against that grain. Unless of course, she's a gross looking chick. Then I'd be like madam, this is sexual harassment, don't touch me. But majority of the time, it's always fun, sociable, good looking chicks that tend to do that. Because they want to stay in that positive vibe.

And that is the type of behavior that I'm getting when it comes to these women. It's nothing but fun, positivity, a lot of flirting, a lot of, you know, exchanging numbers and stuff like that, nothing to the point to where they're afraid at all, you know. And again, I'm just speaking from my personal point of view and my experience, but that's always been the case. And I thought it was the opposite. 

I really thought I would intimidate them and I thought these girls would get grossed out, like oh my God, look at those veins popping out your biceps, that's so gross. No, not at all. They start to poke at it and prod at it and oh my God, what is that? A little things like that. And again, it gets weird a little bit. Like last, I think it was last week, I can't remember, I went to a resort rand obviously I was gonna go to the pool, and yeah, the behavior over there, groping. It was just like, dude. 

But there was so many of them, what was I supposed to do? You know what I mean? It's gotten to the point to where it's like I just learned to accept it because that is the type of behavior I got in society, when I am on Gear, when I'm taking huge amount, especially when I'm on a cutting cycle, oh my God, it's just ridiculous. And again, I have to expect that, I can't be too closed off, I can't be, you know, like, socially awkward or anything like that.

I have to get ready for that type of interaction and behavior when it comes to everybody. The questions are going to come, the curiosity is gonna come, the grabbing is gonna come, all that stuff. But in the end, my entire, you know, experience of all this and the reflection that I got from people, it's always been positive. It's never been negative to the point to where people are intimidated or anything like that, or getting weirded out.

But that was a really good question, and I know a lot of people are wondering that because, to me, that's what truly matters, right? The stuff we do the gym, the lifting, all that stuff, the diet, that's cool and all, but the reason why we're really doing all this is for validation. For anybody to deny that, they are just straight up lying to themselves. We're literally doing this for the sake of love, approval, validation, confidence, all of that stuff. That's what really matters and not, you know, the triceps pushdowns and the bicep curls.

That's just the stuff that we have to do in order for us to stay in shape. But anyways, my email is in the description. Again, if you are new, hit the subscribe button. Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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