Why I Crash My Own Gear, and You Should Too!

Kai Palikiko           Feb.  17, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

What's going on brother? What I want to talk to you about today is crashed Gear, because this affects everybody, not only the guys who should be doing the right thing, which is homebrew, also the premade guys.

Now for the uninitiated, what crashed Gear is? It's simply the hormone and the solution getting unmixed, they're separating within the vial. Now what crashed Gear looks like is this.

That's exactly what crashed Gear looks like. It looks like a white substance, it looks waxy, sometimes it straight up looks like horse glue, to the point to where when some guys look at it, they will start freaking out. Especially for the uninitiated guys, when they don't know exactly what crashed Gear is.

Now simply, as I stated before, it's just the hormones separating from the solution. Now just to let you know, is there anything wrong at all when it comes to crashed Gear? Nothing wrong whatsoever. That doesn't mean it's bunk Gear, that doesn't mean it's underdosed Gear.

That doesn't mean that the Gear is actually damaged. Again, nothing is wrong with it. It's not damaged whatsoever. It's simply the solution, and the hormones are separating. Now you're probably wondering why that's happening?

Now when it comes to these compounds, majority of the time crash Gear happens to shorter esters. For example, the biggest one is nandrolone phenylpropionate. Not only because the molecules within that compound, it's a lot heavier, on top of that, it's very weather tempered, meaning this - I could have the best mix, the best solution, the best recipe. 

But sometimes, this just happens simply because that is the nature of that compound, especially when there is a quick sudden change in temperature. And it tends to usually happen around the wintertime as well. And this is not just limited to NPP either. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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This will happen to Tren acetate, Primo Ace, any short esters, even Test prop as well. Now the most common one though is NPP. 

The reason why I'm talking about this today is I don't want anybody out there to panic like, you know, some most people, when they see crashed Gear, toss it out. There's nothing wrong with the hormone, there's nothing wrong with it at all whatsoever. So that is the biggest mistake that we can do. We can't just toss it just because it looks weird, because it looks different, right?

But then again, I would understand if a person were to toss it out, or they were to panic or do think something's wrong, simply because when you're looking at it, oh my God, I can't pin this into my body, this literally looks like glue. This literally looks like some kind of horse glue, that there's no way for me to salvage it, there's no way for me to fix it. 

There's no way for me I would even put that in my body, because this looks really weird. Now in that current state of wax glue, in that current state of hardened state, when it's actually crashed? No, I would never inject that. Why? Because, one, I can't, number two, even if there's a way, this is just me, you know, hypothetically speaking, I would think it'd be the most painful thing world, let alone be very dangerous. 

But again, remember what I said, there's nothing wrong with it. So you're probably wondering why, ok Kai, how would I salvage that? How would I salvage crashed Gear? Here's the best thing to do. What I would do is this, this is the fastest, best way to solve that problem. I would take my NPP bottle, right - again, it can be Tren Ace, it can be Test propionate, depending on what the Gear is crashed with. 

I will take that bottle, put it to the side. I'll go to my stove, I would take a really small pot, filled that up with water, about a quarter way, I would heat that up, I would boil up that water. Then once that water is fully boiled, I would place my entire bottle of NPP into that boiling water. As long as the water is not over the rubber top, I do not want that water to go over the rubber top, because there might be a chance that water could seep in into the actual vial. 

Now once it's in there, the heat is enough to make the hormone and the solution mix back up together again. That horse glue, that weird white substance, that waxy looking thing is going to come back to full clear again. And then once it's in that state, the hormones aren't damaged, nothing bad is going on, and I could actually finally pin that uncrashed Gear into my body. 

Because the one thing I don't want anybody to do again, is, you know, I'd never made this mistake because I had a mentor, but I've had plenty of my guys that I train with, they had quick panic button scenario and they just tossed away their Gear. It's a waste, especially when we can easily fix it.

So once we see that state of NPP, Primo, Tren Ace, Test Prop, it could be any of the shorter ones. But then this could also happen on the long esters as well. It just really depends on the solution, it really depends on the weather as well, the sudden quick change of it, this can happen to, theoretically, it could happen to any of the compounds out there. 

So next time, if I do see a compound that's fully glued, fully waxy, fully white, weird looking thing, toss it in the boiling water, uncrush the solution, putting it all back together, and that's how we fix crashed Gear. And this also really tells you the quality of the Gear as well, because here's the thing, if it was bunk Gear. 

If there's nothing in there, there's no need for that Gear to crash ever. It wouldn't crash at all, especially with the sudden weather change, it would just stay in liquid because there's nothing in there. There's no hormones for it to crash. There's no hormones for it to separate from the oil.

Because a lot of premades out there, this is what they do. It's just straight up carrier oil. There's no hormones in there, there is no solution in there, there is literally nothing in there, but carrier oil. So that's why, when it comes to some premades, they don't crash at all, because there is nothing in there whatsoever. 

So anytime my Gear crashes, even though it's a slight inconvenience, it gives me a good reminder, oh, yeah, that's right, the entire bottle is filled with NPP, that entire bottle is filled with test Prop, or even the longer esters, like Test enanthate, Test cypionate, sustanon even. So, again, the easiest way, boil some water, toss that sucker in there, wait a minute or two - and again, just to remind everybody. 

If I were to do that, no matter how hot the temperature is, these short esters can take it. There is no need to worry for me that the hormones might be damaged at all. Unless I leave it in there for like an hour or something like that, which I would never do. 

The moment I see that the solution is perfectly clear, take it out, boom, done, and it's ready for injection. Now the good thing about that is when I do pin, I don't need to do the hair dryer process, because it's already warmed me and it's ready to go, it's ready to go for injection.

Anyways, anybody out there who has any questions towards me for any reason whatsoever, the best way to reach me is click the link below this video, it is going to take you to my site, put in your name, your email, and any questions that you have is going to go straight directly to my proton mail and I will actually personally read it myself. Other than that, hit that subscribe button, right next to that hit that notification bell. Kai here, out. Take care.



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