Why I Donate Blood | It's NOT What You Think

Kai Palikiko           Oct. 16, 2019

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One of the most important things I can do while I'm on cycle, and it doesn't matter if I'm cruising, blasting, high dosages or even multiple compounds

This is literally within my set protocols, just to make sure that I have my peace of mind, knowing that I am safe. And just to let you know, I'm not a doctor, and I do not condone any of the lifestyle choices that I have made. Now, when it comes to my safety protocol, it's simple, but yet not a lot of people do this, especially for some odd reason.

Not even TRT places would suggest on doing this. And to me that, it's insane, because it literally only logically makes sense. When I'm on a cycle, even if it's cruising or TRT cycles, this is the reason why I donate blood halfway through my cycle, no matter what. 

Because here's the thing, when my RBC count spikes or my whole blood level just elevates, that's the natural process of being on testosterone. Now, there are some guys out there who I do train, it doesn't budge at all.

And you know what you guys are like, here's my RBC count, do I still need to donate blood? Well, no, you don't, you're good. I mean, there's some guys out there who are just gifted. But that is like the big small percentage amount of guys. 

So that's why within my protocol, I don't even need to look at my blood results to donate blood. I'm just going to donate blood regardless, halfway through my cycle. And here's the reason why. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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Now the pain in the ass about donating blood is this, because it happened to me before, I'm on high dosages of Test, high dosages of EQ, high dosages of a lot of stuff too, especially with my orals, my cool, ok. I don't have any symptoms right now, let me wait to donate blood.

Then finally, I started feeling lethargic, I start feeling a little bit slow, I start feeling a little bit tired. I am like why am I getting sleepy at 11 o'clock in the morning? Oh, that's right. Cool. That is a sign of my hematocrit levels or my RBC Count being elevated.

Now, you would think that ok, that would be a good time to go donate blood, not before. Once I see the symptoms of those bad drawbacks, now would be a good time to go donate blood. It only logically makes sense. Here's the drawbacks about the whole blood donation thing. 

If I were to go in there, with my RBC count already spiked, the irony behind is this - they won't allow me to donate blood, which you're thinking, what, that doesn't make sense, but yeah, that's their protocol. If my RBC count, or my hematocrit levels are already elevated.

They actually won't let me donate blood, until I bring that down. I'm thinking, well, the only way for me to bring that down is if I were to donate blood, or do some kind of bloodletting, so why won't you? But I understand, that's within their protocols as well, completely understandable.

I'm not going to fight that, I'm not going to go against that, I'm just going to take their word for it, and next time, I'm just going to make sure that I'm going to donate blood before my RBC count is spiked, because if I wait until then, if I wait for the symptoms to already arise, then it'll be too late and I can't donate blood. 

So just to reiterate everything I've said, that's the reason why I donate halfway through. And I don't wait for any of those symptoms to come. That guy at the red bus is gonna no, it's already too high, you cannot donate blood until all of that is lowered.

Now, I can't take aspirin to help that out. But I don't want to go around the problem, I just want to fix it by donating blood. And donating blood is the fastest way to get rid of all that. So instead of me waiting and hoping and all that, even if I don't have any of those symptoms, even if I'm not experiencing lethargy.

Feeling sleepy all the time, and sometimes me having nosebleeds, I don't wait for that. I donate blood halfway through my cycle, even if I'm on a cruise cycle, even if I'm just on a Test enanthate cycle. I was on a Test, Tren and EQ cycle, some of you guys who I trained, you've heard this story before. 

And I went to a trip to Tennessee, I had too much of a good time, I was like you know what, I could afford that because I was busy, I had to go shopping, I had to go get things done, buying plane tickets, getting the cabins rented, all that stuff. Cool.

And I don't need to donate blood. By the time I got to, I landed in Atlanta, my nose already started bleeding. I am like I am fine, maybe it was just the high elevation of the plane. I got to hell in Georgia, nose started bleeding.

By the time I got to Pigeon Forge Tennessee, it was supposed to be like, it was me, a group of girls, it was supposed to be like a fun time. Oh my God, everywhere I went, just instant nosebleed, constant nosebleed. And I couldn't find a place for me to donate blood. Lesson learned. 

Donate blood Kai before you actually need to, or else you'll spend your entire trip with tampons up your nose, because you're not responsible. And I get it. I knew what I was going into as well. I knew the risk, and my risk of that is being stupid about it. It's like, I know I should donate blood.

But I want to go shopping instead, and I want to do all the stupid stuff. Literally donating blood is about half an hour. I don't know why I did it. That was like the old dumb me back then. I would never ever do that again. And that's why I'm always gonna donate blood halfway through my cycle, especially if I am on EQ. 

There's this one restaurant, Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed. Ok. It was one of those really fancy restaurant where they brush off the breadcrumbs off your table. And when you go inside the bathroom, they don't have regular paper towels, that's how these fancy places work. 

For some odd reason, rich fancy peopel, they can't wipe their faces or their hands with regular paper towel. It has to be one of those cloth ones. Bad news for them. My nose is bleeding. And guess what? They only had those white cloths. Oh my God, I was so embarrassed.

So my nose started bleeding inside the bathroom. The only thing they had was white cloths. I had to hide it inside one of the stalls because I was so embarrassed. I literally used, and I kid you not, because I counted, I used about 45 of their fancy white cloths. It wasn't like regular cloth, it was like silk.

So like oh my God, and I know that no matter how many times they wash that it's never gonna go away. But what was I supposed to do, just let it bleed all over clothes? No, I started shoving that into my mouth, into my nose, I'm like oh my God, oh my God, somebody is walking in. 

I was in there for about good half an hour or so, even the waiter started worrying about me because they wonder where I was, because it was me and two other girls. By the end of it all, I wasted that much fancy cloth, ruined it all, only because I didn't want to be a responsible person and I did not donate blood.

So lesson learned, just from my future self Kai, donate blood halfway through your cycle, no matter what, even if you feel healthy, even if you're busy, no matter what, go donate blood.

Anyways boys, hit that subscribe button, right next to that hit that notification bell. Kai here, Formula Secrets here, out. Take care.

You flushed those down in the toilet paper.

No, I started, I started putting it to the side, like, you know where, because there's this bin, there's this trash bin like all fancy or whatever, that when you wash your hands you're supposed to put it in there.

This was so gross. I started taking them and I started putting them behind, because I did not wanted anyone else to see. But it started piling up, oh my God, because there was a lot man. Oh my God, ruined by the way, ruined.





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